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Congratulations on being successful in your application to study at the University of Surrey! Welcome and thank you for choosing to stay with us in your University accommodation.

As part of the University of Surrey's Welcome we aim to provide all new students with access to reassuring and useful information. The induction you are about to complete has been designed to ensure that students new to University life are provided with all of the relevant information. Some other students may find areas they have covered previously, but we hope all students will find aspects of this induction useful and informative.

We've designed several modules for you to complete that will provide essential information on living in your accommodation and about University life. We suggest you allow up to 45 minutes to complete this induction – but you can complete it in sections and return to it at different times if that suits you best.

It would be of great assistance in future years if you could tell us what you think of this online induction. So please do be kind enough to complete the feedback survey at the end.

For further information about arriving at Surrey, moving onto campus and the plans we are making for your Welcome Week, visit www.surrey.ac.uk/welcome.

Please note that you might find it helpful to have a pen and paper handy. You may want to jot down any points or actions, as you go through the induction that you want to follow up afterwards.

To navigate through the induction click on 'Next' below.